Gaming on 8K could be possible on Playstation 5 and the new Xbox?

Gaming on 8K could be possible on Playstation 5 and the new Xbox? 1

Gaming on 8K – How things are and how they will be for the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

It’s been over a month since we first met the details and specifications of PlayStation 5 thanks to that interview that Mark Cerny made for Wired, and although we have no new official news of the new Sony console, let alone its direct competitor, the Xbox Scarlett , we can not help but keep thinking about how that future will be possible in 8K that seem to promise the new consoles (Microsoft has not said anything, but we must remember that according to some analysts the Xbox Scarlett will be more advanced than the PS5). It is evident that they will be more powerful than what we have today, but the past has taught us to be cautious with what companies says.

While PlayStation 4 was pretty good at keeping its word about the experience it promised, PlayStation 3 did not do so well. Although retrocompatibility was a reality, it was only true in the first models, and although they promised true 1080p resolutions, the final games ran at 720p on PS3. In the case of PS4 what we miss the most is that Gaikai technology that was going to let us try the games at the moment before buying them. PS4 Pro, meanwhile, fell short in the native 4K , and in the end what has been most styled is the improvement of frame rate (which was not bad either, unless you had a PC before).

Now we have new promises on the table: 8K graphics, real-time ray tracing, sound technologies like we’ve never imagined before … But already in the first point we can not help raising our eyebrows, opening Google and launching a quick reflection: ” What a hurry they will have, if there are barely 8K screens on the market! ” If the 4K televisions have not yet been implemented, we will have to wait years until the 8K televisions do so at reasonable prices. On the other hand, still most of the PCs reach the 4K resolution and 60 fps.

The ray tracing, on the other hand, is another matter. For anyone who is not aware of the last thing that has been happening in terms of PC graphics, we recommend reading this article to see how raytracing can affect a game, but what must be clear is that the ray tracing in real time is a rendering technique that involves an extraordinary workload for graphics cards. Nvidia, for its part, has solved the problem by adding RT cores dedicated exclusively to optimizing this task, given that although conventional graphics can “draw rays”, the performance they offer is frankly, mediocre.

AMD is taking care of developing from scratch the APUs that will go inside PS5. With this we need a hardware capable of rendering 8K graphics and drawing lightning. AMD is the one that is taking care of developing the APUs that will go inside the PlayStation 5 from scratch, with these two objectives in mind. Today it is hard to imagine what kind of hardware will be able to perform such a feat because literally, it does not yet exist. There is talk that the new consoles will have more than 10.7 TFLOP of power. If, lets say AMD, remember that the Radeon Vega 64 has between 12 and 13 TFLOP of power, but in PC its like a GTX 1080 … and that is not enough for this. Obviously, we can not directly compare an exclusively manufactured APU with a graphic card, but it is inevitable to take the references on what we have and know so far.

Knowing what solutions such as Intel’s Optane are capable of, it’s no wonder that PlayStation 5 dramatically reduces load times. You already know the data, but we remember: in a demonstration with a development version of the console, PS5 managed to reduce a loading time of Marvel’s Spider-Man that in PS4 Pro that was 8 seconds to less than a second. This would be a blessing for backward compatibility. Anyone who plays Bloodborne once a year, as many of us do, will know what we are talking about. We wonder if Xbox Scarlett will plan to do something similar …

No, Sony has not said anything that all games will reach 8K. It is clear that what Cerny intended in his interview was to give a perspective of what the PlayStation 5 aspires , but having on the table those promises and a new and mysterious hardware by AMD, the same one that will design the Xbox Scarlett APU, the fire of expectations is more alive than ever.

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  1. Let’s just skip 4k, stick to 1080p AND THEN maybe fix all the broken crap in modern games. I don’t need 8K when modern games have less content, more bugs, no vision, focus tested to shit and back gameplay. How about we fix absolutely everything before we touch a pointless resolution.

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